Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Today enterprise companies are increasingly ardent to have some type of cloud presence as one of the straightforward strategies to achieve a competitive advantage while new-age companies are putting extreme effort to innovate in the cloud. On the other hand, competitive markets are pushing enterprises to accelerate cloud adoption throughout the enterprise. But being thoughtful about the need to move resources and applications to the cloud and doing it successfully remain a tough challenge for many enterprises today. This is where AdvikBot helps enterprises thrive in the cloud world.

How AdvikBot helps

We at AdvikBot help enterprises enhance their customer experience, accelerate business results and develop future ready capabilities through tailor-made cloud solutions.

Why Our Cloud Solution

We leverage the best cloud capabilities of the leading cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, and a host of ecosystem partners to provide the most sough-after cloud solutions Our cloud solutions help our clients optimize, scale, manage, and outsource their IT resources Our industry-specific cloud solutions enable our clients to streamline processes, remodel applications and enable cognitive intelligence to meet their customer needs Help you reimagine processes to enable digital transformation Help you deliver a consistent omnichannel experience for your customers, employees and partners Transform you to an agile business and help you to be driven a dynamic growth engine We boast profound industry experience and expertise in delivering result-oriented cloud solutions, which can help your enterprise experience a seamless cloud journey.

We help you in the following stages of information : Cloud Advisory , Portfolio Analysis , Cloud Build , Cloud Native , Cloud Migration , Cloud Governance , Managed Cloud