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Become well-versed in modern web-development practices and declare yourself CodeSavvy.
Sharpen your current development skills or the fundamentals you need to land a job as developer.
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The Advik Bot Code School is dedicated to train the students to become CodeSavvy. We offer intensive, fully-immersive coding programs and weekend programs specially designed to produce or enhance highly employable software developers . This training offers a set of skills and a mindset that allows a person to adjust to the rapidly changing, high-paying tech industry. With these skills an individual can signifigantly increase their chances of becoming employed in a lifelong tech career.

What You Will Learn

Team Lift Off

During stage one, you’ll get to know the team of students joining you at Advik Bot Code School, what your days will look like, and a birds-eye perspective on how incremental programming works.

Backend Development

To be a tried-and-true full stack developer you will need to learn how to build and manage your own servers. Stage two will teach you the most popular backend technologies.

Front End Development

During stage three, you’ll learn the most popular tools and technologies behind some of the world’s greatest web companies – including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery JavaScript, React and more.

Team Development

Stage four has, as a capstone assignment, you will be placed into teams tasked with creating your own web apps. It’s up to you and your team to brainstorm what this app will do, how will it function, and who will it help – then build it. This is where you will become truly valuable to an employer. You will learn how to put it all together as a team-oriented, full stack developer capable of seeing issues globally and diving deep to fix any bugs.


We explore and build foundational understanding for a variety of data storage tools used in today’s web industry.

Assigned Project

Things start to heat up during stage four. You and a partner will program a project from scratch using what you have learned.

Advik Bot Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack developer.

It’s time to start investing in yourself

Because learning to code must be the easiest way to change your career.

What is it all about ?

Grow your skills with experiences like assessments, paths and expert-led content on today’s most in-demand technologies.

Coding Fundamental

Half of the course will be spent learning and practicing fundamental coding skills and techniques. Along the way you'll learn how to think and problem solve like an experienced coder.

Project Work

You will spend half of the program building web application from the ground up using popular languages and frameworks like Javascript, Bootstrap and NodeJS.

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